Wednesday, September 10

Goal Met - Summoning An'ggrath the Unbound, Chosen of Khorne

 Update (October 31, 2014): After receiving my Imperial Armor: Vol. 13 book a week ago, I realized this conversion will represent (quite appropriately!) the special Bloodthirster in the appendix of the book, An'ggrath the Unbound.  I am very pleased to have built this guy for just such a book to be published shortly after!

Another big milestone achieved.  At this rate I may have to add a few more items to the list so I can keep up with stuff year round!  Regardless, this was one of the major items on the To-Do list challenge I began last month at the behest of +Dave Weston!

After building a bunch of marines, traitor guard, and bloodletters, I soon began to thirst for something.. bigger.  To fill this role, I looked to my sorcerer, Hrodir.  He is, of course, Urlag's trusted and loyal ally, employing magics and sorcery to help their nefarious cause.  Powers augmented by the chaos artefacts found on Prospero, in addition to his inherent talents at rune-casting and foresight, make him a powerful ally indeed.

My recent purchases of Bloodletters were acquired solely for the summoning spell from Hrodir (with a small possibility of an allied contingent as time goes on).  But why not summon the big dogs, a Bloodthirster?

So my mind was made up, I need a bloodthirster.

And preferably not one circa 1996.

The task, then, was to scour for bits that I'd want to use.  And it soon dawned on me that the Warhammer Fantasy line of Beastmen had the ideal basis, the Ghorgon.  Next up, some wings.  After a small search, it was discovered that the largest and most impressive wings could be found here, from the LotR range.  What's more is that they're plastic - no fiddling around with those huge metal clunkers on the classic Bloodthirster!  The rest was easy - I had leftover Lasher Tendrils (Maulerfiend) to make a whip, and a Knight Titan chainsword to convert into an immense chain-halberd.  Thinks were shaping up!

Getting a feel for the size of this bad boy.  The Chainsword looks a little big.
Lasher tendrils to be re-purposed as whips.

Starting to get some glue!

Green-stuffing the gaps with some fur (in-progress).

The chainsword is entirely too big.  I'll need to trim down the engine housing.

Knocked off the rear power plant, added some gnarly teeth and starting the banding.

Hrodir and his new friend.  Terminators come up to its knee!

The finished build.  Lacking armor plates, but I think I may like it better like this.

So there it is!  An impressive build, bigger than I anticipated, it doesn't even fit on the 60mm round base I wanted to use!  Had to order a single Maulerfiend base to mount him on.  What're y'alls thoughts? Should I change anything? Add more?  I have a bunch of scale chain links to wrap and add if that will make it more menacing.  Let me know what you think!

I'll throw some paint on it this week.  But for now, let me check this bad boy off my list!

Melochor the Dread, Lord of the Bone Sacrament, Defiler of the Thirteen Sanctuaries of the Eternal Spire, Blood-Chosen of Khorne's Court of Skulls. Behold!

Dart, out.

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