Saturday, September 13

Sabol Transport Cases

After a tidy eBay sale, I was sitting on a little but of extra hobby funds. I've needed an army case ever since I sold the old plastic Games Workshop one I had for my Orks over 10 years ago, so opted to look into the higher end versions by various vendors outside of GW. 

I placed an order for a Sabol Armytransport MkIII and the associated foam inserts.  The nice thing that surprised me was the options of foam you can select while purchasing.  My particular case is 14" tall, with the other usual width and length dimension, so I could choose any number of foam inserts that equal 14" in height.  

I was sure to get the largest 4" thick foam for my land raider and maulerfiend, which would be difficult to transport, and still have enough room to carve out a slot for my terminator warlord (which has an impressive trophy pole, warranting the tall foam).

The second foam sheet (which I forgot the exact thickness, 3" I believe) is large enough to fit standard vehicles (not Land Raiders), and I'll probably stand my terminators up in this particular section.

The next four sheets are 1.5" sheets that I'll use for all my infantry.  Marines, daemons, renegade guard.

The foam is perforated in a grid, and easy to "pick-and-pluck" the sections out that need to be removed.  And at a fairly low cost, you can buy plenty of replacement sheets, enabling plenty of loadouts in a single bag.

My only issue now stands as having to find a way to transport the Heldrake, Knight-Titan, and Bloodthirster.  Does anyone have any experience with the "motor pool" Sabol army case?  Would love input!

Overall I'd highly recommend the case. It's sturdy, well made, customizable, and can be worn as a backpack or carried with the sling.  It also has pockets for game accessories, a codex, etc.  It sure beats my old tackle box when I was 13!

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