Campaign Headquarters

Rules, Updates, and Notices

[Under Construction]: 24 July, 2014

I. Main Campaign Rules:
  1. Major battles will be fought between the Blackfang Warband and the Loyalist forces from this blog's host armies.  This is considered the "main narrative." 
  2.  Battles for the main narrative will take place with proper games (when either party travels to visit the other) or through arranged "fluff" battles.  These "fluff" battles will be jointly written, and not simply one side writing about how magnificent they are, a true collaboration.  Certain 'mathhammer' aspects may be employed to provide a game-like quality in these narratives.

II. Regarding Outside Player Involvement:
  1.  Andrew (Blackfang Warband) and Kyle (Ultramarines, loyalists) are the game-masters of this campaign in all respects.  We reserve the right to deny what we consider to be bogus results, or games not in the spirit of the game.  Concerns or suggestions are welcome, and will be considered!
  2. Unless you live in the Atlanta or New Orleans metro area, there is not much chance of you participating in the main narrative.  But that doesn't mean you can't impact the overall campaign!
  3. Any participant is welcome to join the fight, contribute material, send battle reports, Etc.  But some liberties will be taken with any material offered in this way regarding formatting of the material and potential modifying details (while not changing battle outcomes).   We feel this is a big part of the campaign, and want to make it worthwhile for all parties!
  4. Speak with Andrew or Kyle before hosting your own campaign side-battle, as we can provide a fun and compelling scenario that links well with the conflict.  This will lend your battle report much more credibility and mesh better with the narrative.  You can, of course, run a game of your own device and let us know how it went - this will be modified much more than the aforementioned method.
III. The Campaign Map:
  1. Capture of specific objectives on the world map will lend certain advantages, disadvantages, surprises (!) and more to future battles.  These bonuses will be displayed on or near the map in an attached key when they are determined.
  2. Map sections will be revealed as the game expands.  The entire planet, and all orbital bodies will be considered.