Scenarios Page
Here you will find any scenarios and related stories created by the Battle Brothers crew. These have been created to make fun, thematic battles that are not always balanced - but are sure to make for a good game!

This page will be updated to a more useful format later. For now, enjoy the scenarios!

Hollosun Campaign Scenarios

Prologue Scenarios:

Blood in the Snow:
Orks and Chaos battle on the frozen world of Bleakhome in search of a lost relic.

Death on Povaris: Space Marines Scouts and Chaos Renegades face off on a dead world.

Expedition 433: Tau Expeditionary Forces encounter a Hive Fleet Tendril in the desert.

Stand Alone Scenarios

1 vrs 1 Scenarios:

2 vrs 2 Scenarios:

3 vrs 3 Scenarios:

Mixed Scenarios:

Special Scenarios: