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Ultramarines Update : Landspeeder Storm and Close Support Squads

Reconnaissance Force Itheric
Work in Progress Update

Landspeeder Storm and Close Support Squads

Seeing the wanton progress my colleague +Andrew Dart has managed with his blood-hungry hounds, I stepped up my game and got most of the Recce force assembled since my last post. This included properly basing my mobile command Landspeeder Storm (finally) and adding an unexpected group of five more scouts. Somewhere along the way I had miscounted the pile of parts I'd scraped together, apparently, so five more scouts have been assigned to Reconnaissance Force Itheric!

Up until now I've not published any official list representing the troops assigned to Telion's mission, a matter I intend to rectify in this post. I'll freely admit that this is not at all a competitive force but has, within its given theme, been selected with an eye towards efficiency. My goal was to make the most use out of the pile of scout bits I had collected over the years with very few purchases - to which I then will add some punch, as you'll see!

Reconnaissance Force Itheric - Chapter Tactics: Ultramarines

HQ:Deathwatch Watchmaster Javril S'verr - (Counts As: Captain Sicarius) 185

Deathwatch Intervention Team Primus: 278
9 Sternguard with 1x Plasmagun, 1x Combi-Plas, 1x Heavy Flamer
Drop Pod

Scout Support Squad Casion: 98
6 Scouts with Camo Cloaks, 5x Sniper Rifle, 1x Missile Launcher

Scout Support Squad Altaiv: 98
6 Scouts with Camo Cloaks, 5x Sniper Rifle, 1x Missile Launcher

Scout Fireteam Galatan: 152
7 Scouts with Camo Cloaks, 6x Bolters, 1x Heavy Bolter (Hellfire Shells)
Torias Telion

Scout Close Support Team Vanus: 125
5 Scouts with Veteran Sergeant, 1x Combi-Flamer, 1x Meltabomb
Landspeeder Storm with Heavy Flamer

Scout Close Support Team Daos: 80
5 Scouts with Camo Cloaks, 5x Shotguns

Total: 1,001

A solid thousand points that will get mulched in way too many matchups, yet I honestly don't care. It's fun, fairly flexible, and very much fits the theme I was going for. Even though they're only scouts the Fireteam and two Close Support teams are well equipped to put a lot of pressure on enemy forces. Backed up by a turn one drop pod arrival carrying a full Sternguard squad lead by a Sicarius wannabe, I think it'll do fine.

You know. Except when facing loads of ignore-cover firepower. They're Ultramarines. They'll just have to suck it up and quote the Codex Astartes at the enemy.


Unfortunately I've still not picked up a decent light source here in the apartment, which means the pics I'm about to share are certainly not my best. I promise to provide much better shots later on when I do a nice group shot! Otherwise the flagellant servitor will chase me around blaring catechisms of failure.

I should probably model one of those some day. On to the pics!

I still like the casual scout waiting drop. "Are we there yet..?"
Love adding depth to bases like this.
Had a lot of fun adding stowage to this vehicle. Hopefully will be more visible when painted.
Barrels still to be drilled out! So many barrels..
With Sergeant Vanus' squad to give a sense of height.

Sergeant Daos and his own Close Support team, still in need of camo cloaks! Argh!
Anvil Industry's drum magazines make all the difference on these shotties.

That's the full image dump for now! Some little previews of the Deathwatch elements are available over on Google+, if you're interested. We're going to continue to ramp things up here on Battle Brothers - including the addition of two new members soon!

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