Thursday, September 25

More Renegades, More Blood!

Over the past two weeks I've been piecing together various units for my Renegade Guard allies list.  I hear rumors of an updated Imperial Armor book with a brand new Renegades army list is on the horizon, so I'm eager to get these guys built up and painted.

I'm keeping loadouts fairly generic to accommodate any changes in the rules, but I think these are pretty standard Astra Militarum fits.

Since my last 10-man "Engineer" squad I built, which are stand-ins for Disciples of Xaphan, or their equivalent in the new codex (or a veteran squad in a standard Astra Militarum list), I've built up:

1x 5-man Command Squad
1x 10-man lasgun armed squad (with two plasma guns)
3x mortar teams
2x lascannon teams

The heavy weapons will be attached to the command section, and sent wherever they're needed.  The plasma guns in the infantry squad will be redistributed to other squads if the special weapon limit doesn't allow for two.  I'll likely start pumping out grenade launchers in my other squads.

The bane of this particular project is yanking off all the lasgun arms that came attached to the torsos.  I bought about 60 of the renegade torso+heads from a mutual friend, and he was chopping off the lasgun barrels to make stubby.. something.  This won't do!  So in building these, there's an added step of removing the old chopped lasguns, sadly wasting them, and adding my own.

Here are some pictures!

Original "Engineer" squad.
New Infantry Squad!

Platoon Commander and his standard bearer.
Mortars! My first real anti-ork deterrent this far.
And I'll need some anti-tank capability.

And with that, I can check off a couple of my 'Minor' checklist goals!  Making progress!

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