Saturday, September 6

Ultramarines Update from Outpost Houston

Reconnaissance Force Itheric
Work in Progress Update

I'm not dead! I don't want t'go on th'cart!

I am, however, reporting in from Houston with some progress updates on my Ultramarines scout force. My writing sojourn here ended up with a bit of difficulty working on models, as the apartment took some settling in and I don't have my usual work space. After some time though I managed to put effort into this project, including sprucing up some old metal melee scouts!

That little job reminded me how much I'm grateful for resin, even with the problems Finecast has had.

Pinning my scout helmets into place and doing a few other modifications really helped bring the old models (stamped 1997!) back to life. Almost enough to make cutting, sanding, and otherwise mauling the heads off them worthwhile. One is left as I didn't bring enough helmets for the metal nuisances.

A few more plastic scouts came off the proverbial assembly line too, which includes finishing up Sergeant Vanus that leads the close support team these metal gents belong to. His running pose and bionic arm, not to mention a combi-flamer from the Sternguard kit, really help set him apart in my book. The other two scouts represent a member of Telion's strike squad, complete with camo cloak and bolter, and a fire support member from one of the sniper teams.

The cloak was created by a mix of milliput standard and green stuff, 50/50 mix, and after smoothing allowed to cure a bit before gently layering in place. Vaseline and clayshapers helped fold it over on itself without sticking. Quite pleased with how that came out - only four more to go!

A small update all around but hopefully gives everyone a little insight into where things are going with this force. I've got some fluff additions to make as well, of course, continuing the Hollosun Incident stories leading up to getting my campaign with +Andrew Dart going. 

With things more settled here I'll certainly be more active. 

Happy gaming!

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