Saturday, August 2

The Hollosun Incident and Landspeeder Storm WIP

The Hollosun Incident
Part One: Povaris III

There was a palpable silence on the barren world labeled in Imperial astrogation charts as Povaris III, broken only by an intermittent wind that swept willfully across everything. It held more of a presence on that forsaken world than the small scout contingent that now prowled through the dry, crumbling ruins around what was once Povaris' only major settlement. They too were chillingly quiet. It was as if the whole world had died without a cry ever being voiced to the uncaring heavens, and now only silence would reign.

This unnatural quiet on what had once been a reasonably populated world was having an effect on the reconnaissance team as well. The initiates, young members of the Ultramarines Chapter of Adeptus Astartes, proceeded with their orders without question: Yet furtive glances and a fresh disquiet often swept through their ranks. The cautious veteran prowling through their midst oozed both calm and certainty, however, even as he too swept the desolate ruins with slight unease.

Sergeant Torias Telion, acting commander of the small scouting force, was not disturbed by the wind. Nor the uncanny silence of a dead world: He had tread more than his fair share in a long life of war. What disturbed the veteran was that such a world as Povaris III, which boasted a reasonable defense force and acted as a communications hub for this subsector, had gone silent without a word.

That was troubling.

What was even more troubling was the string of butchered worlds his forces were following through the Hollosun subsector, with carnal piles and spitted heads gathered around important Imperial assets. Coupled with the idle scrawls of blasphemy and foul runes it was clear that some brutal warband of Chaos was behind such attacks. The only identifying mark was found on an impaled Priest outside the Basilica of the Emperor Venerated, on Calburrun, dangling inside his ruined ribcage. The name 'Urlag' in Old Gothic.

Turning from his inward thoughts, the Sergeant took stock of his men and their current positions. Two groups of scouts, suitably armed with rifles and camouflaged cloaks, prowled along either side of him. The rugged campaign had already begun to flake and chip their royal blue armor. A few had abandoned their helmets aboard the drop ship, opting for better fields of view. Somewhere ahead beyond the ruins lurked their heaviest asset: A Landspeeder Storm, crewed by a pair of his best scouts and carrying Sergeant Vanus' close support team.

A pair of audible 'clicks' from their inter-unit vox system brought the scout group to a halt. The forward team had found their objective, a large subspace communications array. Povaris III's most coveted asset. For a moment all eyes turned to Telion, awaiting instructions, eager to find their enemies and break the silence.

The Sergeant returned a single click over his vox unit in acknowledgement, then motioned his own teams forward.

Good day folks! 

In addition to the bit of fluff up there introducing my Ultramarines reconnaissance force, today I have a few pics of my WIP Landspeeder Storm. Its been quite a labor of love for me as I've added extra stowage, gear, and equipment to the vehicle so that it better fits its role as a miniature mobile command center for Telion's forces. At present the gunner and two passengers are blutack'ed into place for ease of painting. It needs a few more touches and sanding - but overall I'm quite pleased with how its coming along!

Oh, and drilling out some bolter barrels. I can't forget that!

I'll be following this post up in the next day or two with the other half of Povaris III and the final build for my Landspeeder Storm. In the meantime I will also be working on Telion, his two sniper teams, and Sergeant Vanus' squad. They all need paint too! All before our first battle in the middle of this month!

I've got my work cut out for me.

-Kyle Haydon

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