Tuesday, July 22

The Fall of Ordroth (and Terrain Building!)

The city was eerily silent.  Sporadic bursts of bolter fire could be heard in distant streets, between dull thuds of artillery impacts.  The local garrison still held on to the hope of a rescue, huddled in their bunkers watching the glowing screens of their monitoring equipment.  Feeds from around the Basilica of Jerome the Pure showed flickering headlamps emerging from the haze, those belonging to a Land Raider.  It was not a rescue.  The hull had been daubed in crimson, with thousands upon thousands of skills engraved into it; spikes protruded, bearing grizzly trophies of their would-be saviors, the Space Wolves.  Tau, Ork, and Necron trophies also held their place along the armor plating, the Blackfang Warband did not discriminate. This was Urläg Blackfang's personal transport, spearheading a column of traitor marines into the heart of the ruined Imperial city.  Heldrakes screamed overhead, ripping into escape shuttles that dared to make for the safety of the much more defended planet of Van-Hassan's Reach.  Those who mistake Urläg for a mindless madman are soon to realize his destruction is both meticulous and without mercy.

Urläg emerges from his Land Raider to survey the ruin.
The city of Ordroth - the largest of the planet - was a valuable asset.  It overlooked vast Prometheum fields and refining complexes.  Manufacturing districts produced armored vehicles for the Astra Militarum in the thousands, and even vital components for the mighty titan legions.  Urläg knew this was a valuable target, he made it his first stepping stone in a crusade for ultimate glory.  His sights were firmly placed on Van-Hassan's Reach, a rich system that would certainly earn the favor of Khorne.  He needed only replenish his supplies and conscript the local guard who had forsaken their false emperor, then he could move onward.

This is the last image from basilica camera 002 before connection was lost.

Will add images and write-up about my terrain building in a bit!  Dinnertime, KHORNE HUNGERS.

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