Tuesday, August 5

Imperial Stencil Model 9872396325.b

Added lettering! Man, it was more complicated than I thought: had to make a matrix to align each letter.  It's off by a few millimeters but... That's the imperium for you!  My biggest concern was having the paint bleed through the stencil, which would have infuriated me to no end.

Just need to do a little more touch up work on the exterior panels and a couple details on the interior (like the non-LED lights).   Have anything to add? Tell me below!

Thanks for those that have input on what to have the warning say!  "DANGER" or "CAUTION" would have looked weird.  I like how the two words are stacked.
Showing off the Imperium's ballin' 3cm granite countertops.


Edit: it appears the servitors in charge of landing zone maintenance need to replace one of the light bulbs!  One of the wires just slipped from the LED hookup, easy fix.

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