Wednesday, August 6

Propaganda! The Emperor Needs You!

I've pilfered the internet and saved a LOT of neat posters people have designed / modified over the years.  Adding little touches like these to my terrain will breathe more life into the pieces, much like the stenciling of caution words and LEDs add that little bit of realism.  It needs to appear to be "lived-in" and I feel these little additions fulfill that role!

Naturally, the terrain is most of the old ruined Cities of Death buildings, a toppled Basilica, the Skyshield landing pad, statues, rubble, and so forth - this suits perfectly for my chaos force, as I'll have many Imperial posters, but also a good portion of desecrated ones! 

Here's just a fraction of what I've found.  Even one in what looks like French!  It deals with the Sisters of Battle / Inquisition, and I assume they speak some form of "Gothic" French anyway :P

The top middle one is by far my favorite.

Warhammer, or any wargame for that matter, is a great hobby that I thoroughly enjoy.  However, the part that involves building tiny cities / terrain / dioramas is by far my real passion.  It's just the little kid in me that still enjoys setting up model train sets! 

Have any material to add, suggestions or comments?  Post below!

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