Thursday, May 8

Heavy Metal

The Chaos Land Raider is nearly complete.  I began building it some time ago, and have just finished putting a majority of the components together.  I painted the interior fully before assembly in an off-white cream color found on most modern armored vehicles, but did Khorne a service in splattering gore all over the inside – I’m still debating hanging chains and hooks from the inside like some infernal meat locker.

Land Raider 1
Headlamps, interior green light, and blood splatter.
Land Raider 2
“Daemonforge” light in the background, flickering LED.
Land Raider 3
 All doors and hatches are functional and moveable.

The LEDs are fantastic.  The power-plant assembly on the exterior is magnetized to hide the battery components and toggle, with wiring being fed down the track assembly to power the twin pairs of headlights.  An interior green light was installed to give an ominous glow when the ramp and side hatches are opened, all of which are functional (and magnetized).  The LED I am most excited for is one that will likely go unnoticed by most.  I’ve hollowed out the spaces between the interior power-plant assembly (space between the conduits and piping) to reveal the negative space within.  I put a ‘flame’ LED behind it, to represent the daemonic machine-spirit that’s possessed the vehicle.

Here’s a video of the effect (below), which came out kind of dark – doesn’t do it justice, oh well!  I know I’ll paint the vehicle a traditional Khornate red, but want to incorporate some bold wolf design on the front hull.  Likely just a stylized head, I’ll have to play with it.  I really enjoy painting vehicles – it’s much more fun than painting complete squads of marines.  But hey, I’ve got some of those left to do, can’t complain!

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