Thursday, May 15

A Trip to the Big City

A small store but with excellent staff. I can’t remember the guys name!

I went to run some errands today in New Orleans, and decided to stop by the new-ish local Games Workshop Store. Well, sort of.  Some co-workers, friends, and colleagues all gave me handfuls of cash to pool together to make a sort of “warhammer-run” while I was in the city today.  Needless to say I was worried about being robbed due to the large amounts of cash I had on-hand because I was some sort of temporary miniature soldier transporter.

These guys are separate from my build partner here, but I play with them more frequently, as I literally see them every day at work.  One guy plays Orcs & Goblins, Ogres, Skaven, Orks.  The other guy plays Dark Elves, and Tyranids.  Their games are usually apocalypse themed without them knowing what apocalypse is (they haven’t followed the hobby for a long time, and rely on me for pretty much all rules disputes) in the sense that we put everything on the table and play a few turns before 8 hours pass.  I’m trying to show them the miracle that is low-point games.

That’s another blog post for another day.

I bought two Citadel Woods (bringing the total up to 4), a Skyshield Landing Pad, a set of Arcane Ruins, an ork Fighta Bomma, and a Chaos Heldrake!  I think we’re fully set on terrain now – as I’ve already got one of those big Cities of Death terrain boxes that came out some time ago, my existing trees, and all the new swag.  Now I need to go get a spray gun, or at least a huge drybrush to begin the tedious work.  Being an art instructor with two enormous studios at work makes some of the process easy (during off periods, naturally), and having degrees in art certainly has its benefits.


In regards to this specific army build, I need criticism and input on the Heldrake.  I know the fluff isn’t posted yet, but my Chaos Marines are (to be brief) Space Wolf renegades.  Very brutal, norse-inspired, choppy, Khorne loving.  I need to convert the Heldrake.  A dragon or wyrm or something isn’t too far off the mark for my theme.  Definitely want to hear what you have to say, if anything.


  1. Consider the age of your renegades. Is it a new off shoot? Or from the breakup? Old pattern armour or mix? Mix of veteran to new. Did the veterans bring new pups with them?

    1. Always assumed they were old-armored renegades from the breakup, Mike. They'll induct / train / summon new members as needed, but rarely. I intend to have a contingent of traitor guard that is the conquered PDF from worlds we've ravaged :)


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