Wednesday, April 30

Packages from the Motherland

My first two packages arrived today, bringing in much-needed supplies for this build.  From Forge World comes my Justaerin Terminators. Pictured below are some power fists, but it also came with chain axes, chainfists, mauls, hammers, swords, and plenty of other goodies.  I’ll post pics of them once I begin work on the proper squad. From a Warstore and Games Workshop order came two Citadel Woods, a new paintbrush, and some deep red wash.  I’m expecting a third package next week from Russia with some of the Cataphractii Special Weapons from a Forge World eBay order.

 Good, but they need MORE SPIKES.

These models will be the basis for Urlag’s conversion – the pre-heresy spikey goodness of a terminator is a marvelous thing to behold.  I’ll use the remaining four to create a terminator squad (and demoting the old Lord model I had) of five models.  In the meantime, I had to begin fiddling with my future HQ, but can’t decide if I like the pose.  Does he need a cape, furs? I will definitely add skulls, chains, trophies – and rework most of the base, likely a dying Imperial Guardsman or Space Marine.  The only thing I was sure about is the extended chainaxe I gave him.  Paired with a chainfist, he'll do short work of any loyalist scum.

Chop, chop!

I’ll begin assembling squads later tonight and tomorrow evening.  I have the components to make 30x marines currently, and have an in-progress daemon prince.  Still need to decide if I want to include the old World Eaters dreadnought in my list or not.  I’m thinking not, with the new Helbrute models outshining the old "classic" dreads.

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