Thursday, April 10

The Beginning of the Blackfang

When the new Chaos Space Marine models were released, I bought a few.  I even bought a special edition codex, one of only one-thousand ever produced!  The silver-lined, black bound tome inspired me, creeping into my very soul with tendrils of corruption.

Brushing up on the terrible and mighty ways of Chaos.

Brushing up on the terrible and mighty ways of Chaos.

You see, I have always been a ‘good guy.’  I played Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Empire, Paladins, Clerics, Dwarfs, you name it.

Now is the time, however, to unfurl my true nature.  That of the corrupted antagonist, someone who enjoys throwing a wrench into the proverbial gears.  It makes for great storytelling, and in games where I feel narrative is the best reward (and not simply winning), being ‘the bad guy’ will be rewarding indeed.

This blog will highlight my build of the Blackfang Warband, a bottom-up build of an entirely new army.  There will be fluff, pictures, building posts, narrative, and so on.  I will be building jointly with a longtime friend of mine, who will be assembling the forces of good (to provide fresh skulls for Khorne) to stand resolute against me.

Together, he and I will forge a strong narrative, build two characterful armies, and hopefully, at the end, play some fantastic matches together.  The problem in all of this is that although we had been childhood friends, he has since moved several states away – so our builds will be simultaneous, but there is a high likelihood our forces will not meet until the very end (if at all, sadly!).  The idea of building (literally) up a story together that has a larger narrative focus will make a final battle all the more satisfying should it occur.

I look forward to this build, and I vow to adhere to the regimen he and I both set upon ourselves to build, paint, and develop!

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