Friday, June 27

Odroth City Planning Department

Edit: I'm also blown away by he Bell of Lost Souls feature we got this morning for my Traitor Knight!  200 page views to the blog today and 2,500 views to my BoLS forum post!  Thanks guys! Subscribe and comment!


 The fictitious system our little campaign will take place in has a very beurocratic government, and they finally decided it was time to upgrade the infrastructure of Odroth Prime (one of many planets to be featured)!  The planet itself houses medium-sized orbital defense stations at the polar regions, which are surrounded by vast prometheum refineries and munitions facilities.  Its tactical importance cannot be overstated.

Behold, the mighty Skyshield landing pad, in all its glory!
Big enough to service orbital-to-ground operations!

I enjoy terrain-making, and look forward to pulling out my dusty ruined buildings and giving them new life.  I especially look forward to installing some LED lights in key areas to give the whole scene a little more of a 'lived-in' appearance. 

I'll have a blast taking some atmospheric pictures of our troops with little smoke machines, dramatic lighting, and dynamic poses.  I can't wait to bring this campaign to life!

As usual, comment below any of these posts and let me know what you think, or if you have any ideas you think we'd enjoy!  I also have word from a very reliable source that Kyle will be making his posting debut today (finally!).

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