Tuesday, July 1

Not Really An Evil Guy

I'm currently on a two-week formation retreat for the catholic school where I teach.  I won't get into the religious intricacies that might bore you, but it's a huge change from the weather and scenery in Louisiana!

California around the Bay Area has a high in the mid 70s. It was 55 degrees this morning - in June!  No humidity, it's glorious.

To tie it in with the 40k aspect of the blog, I feel like a space marine in their fortress monastery.  Waking up for early prayer, breakfast in the chapter hall, learning about great French knights that founded our order, etc.  All in the backdrop of this enormous monastery setting.  

Here are a couple of pictures, but they definitely don't do it any justice.  If you ever have a chance visit St Mary's College, in Moraga, check it out!

I guess all I need now is a few servitors to bring me my armor.

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