Tuesday, June 24

Build Day!

Spent a couple of hours today building the rest of my marines.  A nice change from Land Raiders, Heldrakes, Maulerfiends, and Knights.  The build took a while, I also kitbashed every very single one with the Space Wolf kits and bitz I had.  The models are appealingly feral looking, I like it.  Very Khornate.

The totals thus far:

15x CSM squad (2x melta guns)
10x CSM squad (2x plasma guns)
10x Chosen squad (4x plasma pistols)
10x berserker squad (10x lunatics)
8x terminator squad (magnetized Autocannon or Flamer arm)
1x Sorcerer (In a Khorne army? Details later!)

The bulk of my objective-capturing forces.

All told the army is coming along nicely.  I'm thinking I need a rhino for my berserkers.  I'm putting the Chosen into the Land Raider, and deep striking the Terminators.

Trying to keep a battle forged army, so it's not terribly hard to stay in the mindset I've been in for the past 15 years of army building.  Figuring out how to include the Knight is the hardest part, though I guess it'll have to be a "come the apocalypse" imperial ally.  Or I use it as a Lord of Skulls.

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