Tuesday, August 19

Traitors Emerge

First five renegades are done! Using the Death Korps of Krieg list, as it fits the theme nicely (and +1 WS fits the Khorne theme!).  I figure I want to represent an engineer company, specifically an artillery section.

This is half of an engineer squad. Shotguns, CC weapons, heavy flamer, and a demo charge (wired jerry cans!).  They'll be the lunatics that charge at whatever they see, and either roast it with the heavy flamer, or throw demolition charges at armor.  I'm thankful
I saved all those little shovels and pickaxes that came with my Imperial Guard kits from years ago.

I've since reposed the torso and arms.  It looks a bit more natural now!

Rest of the FW torsos will be built as a standard "guardsmen" platoon with lasguns and a bunch of attached heavy weapons.. Likely mortars and a heavy bolter or two.

Some of the completed traitor Engineers! Masters of siege-breaking!

The real debate is whether or not I want to include armored vehicles in the allies Astra Militarum (Krieg) list. If I did, it would likely be self propelled Armageddon pattern Basilisks.  


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