Saturday, August 30

Goal Met - Renegade Progress

Hot on the heels of my last post about achievement milestones in this build, I decided to work towards my first minor goal: the completion of my renegade Engineer squad!  And complete it I did!

Equipped with two melta guns, a demo charge, and an enforcer with a power sword, these will be my armor hunters and general badasses.  

The renegades that I chose to model for Urläg's warband are part of Van Hassan's home guard forces.  Particularly I'm representing an artillery company which includes heavy combat engineers (lots of shovels, pickaxes, stowage, tools). The demolition charge seen in the above picture is a fitting addition to this theme, as it's a pair of fuel canisters wired with explosives.

The renegade list (which is a free PDF from Forge World!) lists this particular unit as Disciples of Xaphan (or something similar), an Elite choice.  They'll serve the role as engineers both in the way I've modeled them, their wargear options, but additionally with the Infiltrators special rule that comes with this troop selection. I can imagine these grizzled bastards picking through the rubble of a war zone to lay in ambush for the foolish Ultramarines.  

I'll definitely try to make Kyle's scouts worry about finding these guys a priority!

Blood for the Blood God! 

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