Tuesday, October 28


I think I mentioned (and if I didn't, here you go!) that we had a 1,500 point Eldar force donated to the Warhammer club I run at work.  My students are spearheading the painting of the units but wanted me to help out.  I decided to give the Farseer a once-over to get him presentable, so here he is!

Foul Xenos!

He'll soon be causing all kinds of mischief at our school games and potentially make some appearances in the campaign!

On a slightly related note, I began a Napoleonic French historical army for the Black Powder rule set, intending to use the ever-talented Perry Brothers minuatures (Games Workshop transplants).  We may have a non-warhammer feature page here, or I'll just include occasional snippets if not - but don't worry!  The Blackfang Warband is still growing in power... and I'm eager to get those Renegades painted!  I'll have a more comprehensive write-up soon!

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